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riley rennhack

You can’t be right and be loved, that’s your truth.

No one has to know your name if you don’t.
You can call me Tinkerbell. I confess:
it takes both your hands to keep me alive.

Cut the fat. Leave the flowers out. Turn up

the radio unless the news is on.
There’s no such thing as a real lesbian.

That's how I know I'm not real. How I know

I'm still living in a book. How I know

It’s not true if it’s not a paradox.
Take good notes on your time in the margins.

Are you visiting or do you live here?
Not there, but electric inside your ears:

poems walking down the street in your town.



Riley Rennhack (she/her) lives in Texas with an old dog. She’s a veteran of the NYC bookselling scene and a big fan of the public radio. Her students know her as “Miss R” and they’d be shocked to know she writes poetry. You can find her work in HASH Journal, Voicemail Poems, and elsewhere. 




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