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mobile blackout

umar yogiza jr.

they say the first &

the last colour the eye sees is blue

they don't make them here no more

blue lights

our sky is fixed in supply

red sky at birth

& red at death

everything is a soothing red

of blackout


our meetings are locks

of siren ambulance

driving our injured purpose to hospital

ours is naked farewell

a mobile blackout


the breath are epitaph

making monster our of our farewell

memories of pains

unmasking many memories

oh poetry, chalk board of my life

i forgo blue light

forgo siren, blackout and locks

if you are very far away i invoke you

come, take my hands

and occupy this encounter

dissolving to departure



Umar Yogiza Jr. Is a poet, builder, and part-time photographer. He lives and writes between Lafia and Abuja, where God and the Devil toss the coin of his life. He's the author of two chapbooks, How I killed Suicide and The Way Out Of My Heart, and three poetry collections, Instrument of Immortality, Singing in a Bonfire, and the way out of my heart.




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