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this mantra, said by the beautiful & thick & wise queen Lizzo


this Instagram account


this sequence of poetic excellence by Monroe Lawrence


this song


also this song


this portraiture project that kept us all alive in quarantine, by Olivia Gatwood


this life-giving community


this poem that will undoubtedly shatter your heart (by Wanda Deglane)


this heartwrenchingly beautiful piece of prose by Danez Smith


this reading by the unparalleled Sara Hirsch

this incredible performance art, which requires no descriptors


this podcast—for always being honest, affirming, & wholesome as heck


this stand-up comedy icon


this video!!! by Rebecca Meier!!! it’s everything right with the world


this excellent outtake that never made it to the final version of Inger Christensen’s Alphabet


this cinematic masterpiece


this dancer. how are we not all collectively simping for her yet?


this k-drama, which was—and still remains—quietly revolutionary

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